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Security development

We showcase below a selection of our products. Due to the bespoke nature of many solutions we cannot display all possible products and services. To see and understand the full scope of additional options please book an appointment with us in confidence.

Executive close protection, private investigations, cyber security, and infrastructure security


Within our Security Development Initiative we aim to help organizations and governments better protect against the escalating threats of cyber-attacks such as: Phishing Attacks, SQL Injection Attacks [SQLi], Cross-Site Scripting [XSS], Man-in-the-Middle [MITM] Attacks, Malware Attacks, Denial-of-Service Attacks, Spear Phishing Attacks. We will work with you to enable you to effectively deal with the problems.

Our products and services to support you include:


Robust and highly encrypted global communications devices, satellite phones, modems, drone technology for securing sites, armored vehicles, training and advanced dedicated secure systems. 


Infrastructure and physical

We provide impenetrable means of communication which are protected against all known and future threats, and specialize in securing your commercial enterprise or business activities.


Our team of specialists can deploy at short notice to support urgent projects or developments. They do this consistently, confidentially and professionally.  

Every permission, whether hardware or software activated, is checked and scrutinized for it's intended action and allows you to communicate completely securely to our other authorized devices. Our premium penetration testing capabilities will enable you to be at the forefront of modern day security challenges.

State of the art, unbeatable, end-to-end privacy giving you the confidence to talk freely across the world and keeping your business and government conversations secure. 

Additionally our IT hardware comes with the unique professional grade ShepherdGroup 7 point protection - keeping your digital life protected with an interlocking, impenetrable, multilayered defense as standard. It also allows you to work within a password free secure environment. Laptops, Servers, Hyperconnected, Hyperconvergence and more.

Secure Communication Apps, Software, Hardware, Secure Business Smartphone, Dedicated Private Communication Systems and Advanced Electronics and Technology.