International Counter Terrorism

Within our International Counter Terrorism Initiative we aim to help government bodies and organisations better protect against the escalating threats of terrorist activities, and serious organised crime.

There are universally five types of terrorism:

  • State-Sponsored terrorism. This is identified by terrorist acts which are sponsored by a state or government.

  • Dissident terrorism. These are terrorist groups who have rebelled against their government (rebel groups).

  • Terrorists in the extreme Left and Right. These groups are rooted in political ideology.

  • Religious terrorism. Terrorist groups who are extremely religiously motivated

  • Criminal Terrorism. Terrorist acts used to aid crime and criminal profit

As a government body it is vital to have the means to combat these types of terrorism which can lead to political, economic, sociological, and environmental issues.

Our team of specialists with our partners will provide you with expert counter terror training, consultancy and equipment.


We will help you transform your capabilities and enhance your law enforcement, government body, or military specialists through our unique development programs. In addition we will advise and collaborate with your security teams in stopping terrorism and will partner with you in all stages of your current or future projects.


Training and Development

We will provide you with competitively priced, comprehensive, specialist training and equipment.


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