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Copyright 2024 Shepherd Global Security & Communications LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Lion's Paw and Lightning Logo and Shepherd Event Security Services Circular Cross Logo are specifically owned and used by Shepherd Global Security & Communications LLC. ShepherdGroup logos and original artistic concepts were created by 



Additionally, all customers and partners own their associated logos and videos, for their advertisement. Other graphics have been created, purchased or are used under an open copyright agreement where one exists. A creative commons license is also in effect. We are not responsible for material or images that were historically incorporated at the start of the website creation due to third party involvement. Neither are we responsible for licences that have changed without our knowledge - but if the matter is drawn to our attention by email or telephone, we will either remove the image or discuss a continuation of use. We do not deal with third party copyright companies that attempt 'copyright extortion' based on dubious legalistic practices. We will only converse with the originator of the image or media who can prove original ownership with an officially dated image or an officially dated artistic concept.

Website formatted for standard mobile devices. Shepherd Global Security & Communications LLC is an Equal Opportunities Employer and a subscriber to Equal Pay. Ethical standards include working with local populations to improve communities and increase living standards and self-reliance. Environmental standards include a Zero Waste policy with 100% of materials being recycled or reused. ShepherdGroup encourages discussion for scientific and technological purposes and does not purchase hardware or subscribe to services or social media that show evidence of silencing diverse viewpoints. Due to companies using censorship, we do not use Facebook, (Meta), Amazon or Microsoft services. Any association with those brands should be considered fake and created without our knowledge. We also do not associate with mainstream media companies due to inaccuracies and bias reporting.

Additional Services

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