Emergency and rescue

Our emergency and rescue initiative is broken down into two main objectives:



Disaster relief and support.


Providing equipment and technology to help in the aftermath of a disaster.


Coordinating with local and national government on infrastructure redevelopment.


Contingencies and sustainability.

Search and rescue


Our dedicated specialists will work autonomously and with local law enforcement and other agencies on your behalf. They will gather intelligence on the whereabouts of any missing person or potential victims of kidnapping, human trafficking or other serious organised crime. In some cases this may be terror related. The team may investigate social media and images that could assist in the investigation. Last known location, micro expressions and body language is analysed. We consider texting behaviors, and other patterns which are cross-referenced and the information is then able to support a rescue - all in confidence. 


We identify rescue options and conduct rescue operations with other agencies to bring them back home.


This could be a runaway or a relative that has gone missing in suspicious circumstances.


Other scenarios may include; an absent employee, friend, or college student on an international field trip.



A trusted partner always

Our team comprises of professionals from military and security backgrounds and additionally disaster relief experts who can advise you on how to better manage a variety of circumstances.


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