"We are your full spectrum, trusted development partner and premium security organization, committed to building better futures.
We develop customer-specific, future-proof technology and solutions, in all industry sectors, and implement these solutions globally."
- Practical Solutions for a Complex World -

Industrial Services

Integrated Security Systems


Surveillance Technology and Services

Advanced Network Security

Saas and Cybersecurity

Oil and Gas

Artifical Intelligence

A Global Initiative

As leaders in security and development projects, our mission is to enhance your capabilities to exceed future standards and demands. We are your all encompassing solution provider and we achieve these goals through four main initiatives:

Security Development

Infrastructure Development

International Counter Terrorism

Emergency & Rescue



We specialize in securing all your commercial enterprises, government institutions or business activities, always exceed standards and have a global footprint. Our team of specialists can deploy at short notice to support urgent projects or developments, confidentially, consistently, and professionally.

Services Include

Cyber security, consulting and solutions

(SIEM, SOC, UEM, holistic IT, and more)

Software and application development with integrated security

(business specific apps, fin-tech, and more)

Encrypted devices 

(mobile devices, laptops, and pads)


Enterprise consultancy and development

(Modernization and development projects for all your sectors or industries. System integration, network security, intelligence, AI, and corporate solutions)

Incident response, contingencies, and technical support 

(Remediation and secure end to end solutions, mitigation, secure cloud and more)

We are your cost effective solution. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and used to working on time-sensitive projects with AI protection provided within minutes if required.

An endpoint-to-endpoint approach to protecting your organization, your staff, your customers,  shareholders, and reputation. Whether you have an established cybersecurity plan and need to supplement, or you’re starting to define it, we're here to help.

Security assessments and penetration testing, threat intelligence and mitigation solutions, secure cloud and big data management, AI and automation, training and other certifications.

We can help you understand precisely where your organization’s risks lie and support your organization in defining and protecting critical assets, helping maximize the impact of your security investments and strategy. 


We specialize in end to end personal or private security. Your dedicated security specialists can operate covertly to protect you and your family on business, leisure or charitable activities. Our home solutions are unmatched - impenetrable with advanced automation capabilities, mitigation and contingencies. We can also create and develop your home security plan. Our experts have years of high-level experience in all aspects of static and mobility security, unlike some groups who only have badges and limited training to deal with real world challenges. 

Training and development

Our training programs are customized and unrivaled. We are committed to the safety of both the security professional and our other customers.​ Programs for Special Forces, Police, Military units, Intelligence, and other professions. Our 'Keep it Real' philosophy is central to the training packages which are tailored to your workplace and situation.


At the heart of what we do is our passion for building better futures together. Our aim is to help you modernize and improve welfare through:




Modern schools and universities with future proof technology, apprenticeships, training, materials, entrepreneurship. We'll assist you in supporting great ideas stage by stage.



State of the art solutions for your emergency services and government. Data management solutions with automated capabilities. Help your government and military reach its full technological potential and reduce budgets and staff stress through efficient working practice.


Improving housing, street security, traffic management and integrated systems for better surveillance to stop serious organized crime. This will also save you time and will help you better manage statistical data to make informed decisions for national development and security improvements. Cyber security solutions for your government to protect you from state sponsored espionage and securing your political party from intrusions. We provide highly encrypted and seamless solutions that are impenetrable. Take a leap into the future with secure, BYOD, password-free working.



Modernizing farming using the world's best food production solutions and drone technology, creating jobs to feed the many and protecting the environment.

Transport and Tourism


We provide integrated systems for trucks, taxis, traffic management and more. We can help transform your tourism industry to attract foreign investment and drive wealth generation.

Industry and Mining


Transform your sectors and help facilitate transactions from one point to another with full monitoring capabilities, and with integrated emergency systems to detect suspicious activities. We utilize the latest technology and transparent working practice to remove fraud and organized crime from the heart of your wealth potential.

Health and Medical


Modernizing hospitals and health centers, transforming your data center and database capabilities, prioritizing the doctor and patient relationship and ensuring data is current and secure. We protect the IoT surface attack area within hospitals. We also provide state of the art communications and drone technology to help rural areas.

Waste management and Recycling solutions.

Our Waste-2-Power and Waste-2-Product programs are funded and ready to implement worldwide. Transforming the environment and turning the problem of waste into an viable asset. Using future-proof technology and providing a broad spectrum of waste solutions depending on your needs, environmental goals and legislation.


Efficiently modernize your police, military, counter terrorism and intelligence capabilities. We provide the best training and accreditation for security companies and governments wanting to maintain the professional edge. Security is at the heart of everything we do, providing a safe and empowering environment for government, communities and populations.


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