Communications - Intelligence - Geopolitical - Security
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Shepherd Global Security & Communications


High Encryption

Wi-Fi Access

$5 / Hour

Providing Global :

Security, Intelligence, Geopolitical Solutions and Highly Encrypted Communications

These include clients within :

Enterprise, Maritime, Aviation, Leisure, Water, Energy, Logistics, Government and International Development

We enable your business to move, expand and develop internationally while securing personnel and products from all known and anticipated threats. We create or adapt your secure communications environment to be impenetrable across the globe.

We create value by saving your business or organisation money - reducing insurance costs, improving safety, securing information and protecting your reputation and livelihood. We use Intelligence and Geopolitical knowledge to your advantage like no other company on the planet.

...and we use the world's most highly trained and experienced people to achieve this.

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Satellite Communications, Encrypted Apps & Cellphones

Event Security, Global Crisis & Disaster Management

Physical & Cyber Security Surveys

Global Security & Protection Services

Confidential Geopolitical Consultancy

Onsite Training - Physical & Cyber Security

Information Security Solutions

UAV Surveillance Solutions

Private Investigations