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Why would I need a satellite phone ?

In areas of civil unrest, war and natural disasters, the mobile phone masts can be inoperative or the high demand from the local population can overload the network. The cell phone networks often do not cover remote areas.

The IsatPhone 2 also has an assistance button which, will contact GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) * (see additional) who will organise the best help available. This phone also has a tracking function. There are many stories of satellite phones having made the difference between life and death.

Why does your company primarily hire out and sell Inmarsat devices ?

The service is reliable and used by government, multinational agencies and other users. The Inmarsat satellites are in a fixed position relative to you and will remain connected 99.9% of the time. We also provide Iridium services.

Are satellite phone calls expensive ?

It depends how you use the device. We provide you a table of costs and cheap calls or 'regular minutes' are marked green. Calls which use higher amounts of your credit are marked amber and red respectively.

The most expensive calls would be to other satellite systems - so we recommend only using these in an emergency. Your phone will also receive a text message when it is running low on credit. If you do not want to commit to a more expensive airtime voucher we can activate cheaper airtime vouchers automatically for you, on dates that you specify, to allow budgeted and seamless communication. You can send messages to any satellite phone for free using our website.

Do Inmarsat phones work everywhere ?

The Inmarsat satellites are in geostationary orbit above the equator. The earth is curved so you can expect that there will be no coverage in the extreme North or South poles. We suggest purchasing an Iridium system if you need to travel to the polar regions.

Like all satellite phones they need line of sight with the satellite and are best used outdoors although they often work through windows. Vehicle kits and other solutions are available.

Our satellite modems can be placed outside with a clear line of sight to the satellite and will generate a Wi-Fi hotspot which can extend indoors.

A coverage map for Inmarsat is shown below.