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Logistics, traveller, business owners, banks, families, education projects, trust, charities, government body, close protection, emergency services and military
Technology is developing so fast and we face risks such as cyber crime, communications problems and personal safety issues. We have noticed that most industries neglect the fundamental importance of having a contingency or back up plan when things go wrong. However, you can start your journey today. 
We recommend:
1. satellite phone> 
If you're in an emergency, you can activate your assistance button with one press and a specialist will be in communication with you to assess the situation and get you help. You will never have to worry about poor mobile signal in remote locations, as there is always a satellite above you. Your conversations are also secure so you can still be safe, reach your friends and family with peace of mind and you can text or call at anytime. Our solutions are robust, affordable, and reliable.
2. Secure communication devices> 
As an organisation, or business owner, you should have a secure phone that is encrypted against malware and hacking. Your phone is vulnerable and just because you use an encrypted app it doesn't mean that your personal information or your conversations on your phone are secure. We will provide you and your team, premium quality assets for all your secure communication needs.
Our solutions are used by government, businesses and agencies as they are reliable and impenetrable.
Malicious activities and state sponsored hacking and espionage can also harm national security. You can play your part denying such groups from using your devices to steal intellectual copyright and threaten national security.
3. EXECUTIVE and residential security> 
Not just a person standing at the door with a badge. When it comes to protecting your valuables or family, there is no space for compromise. You need a group of well trained professionals. 
We also provide workshops for security organisations to enhance their capabilities.
4. Cyber security> 
When it comes to cyber crime and cyber espionage, you need to constantly evolve and adapt. We will provide you with the most advanced cyber security solutions to enable you to be ready and not just reactive.

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