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Shepherd Global Security & Communications

I felt secure knowing I had backup and the ability to make calls and texts in areas without cell phone coverage

Dawn - Manager, USA

(The) provided a first-class service in all aspects - survey, security report, liaison with me and associated agencies, interaction with the public, public relations.

Nigel - Executive Producer, UK

...diligent and proactive to the core.

Tim - Architect & CEO, UK

...honest, trustworthy, reliable, likeable. 

Jonathan - Writer, Broadcaster & Journalist, UK

...dedicated to the work...very customer service oriented.

...succeed in any challenging projects...

Chaviva - Digital Content Professional, Israel

...extremely focused driven on the project in hand.

...attention to detail is second to none, no matter how complex the issue.

...always delivered within or before set guidelines...

...the king of thinking outside of the box. 

Myles - Strategic Operations Professional, UK

Our satellite communication solutions are also used by Magen David Adom, Yatar and Natan International Humanitarian Aid